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3 Easy Tips You Should Know Before Choosing Your Fruit Basket Gift Hamper

Fruit baskets make wonderful gifts for all occasions, depending on how well you can suit them to the occasion and the recipient. Whether you decide to buy a fruit basket for a birthday, a special occasion, or just because, the lovely basket of treats is sure to bring a smile to your close one’s face. All you need to do is check a few boxes to ensure that your fruit basket hamper makes the right impression.

How? We have compiled the following three tips to keep handy before buying a fruit basket for your near one.

The Eating Habits of your Recipient

A crucial piece of advice before giving anybody a fruit basket is to personalize your gift hamper based on who you are gifting it to, instead of following a one-size-fits-all approach. Try to find out what kinds of fruits that person prefers and hates by interacting directly with them, or with someone who knows their favorites well.

For instance, if the person has a sweet tooth, you might want to include sweet fruits like strawberries and mangoes. The rich varieties of fruit baskets at InsoFresh like the “Iris Sparkle” and the “Royal Fruit Paradise” are the perfect examples!

At the same time, don’t forget to bear in mind if the receiver of your gift lives alone or with a family. It might be wise to make the basket larger if they have a large family. Again, there is no need to worry with InsoFresh by your side, where we offer a range of fruit basket sizes for all!

The Occasion for Your Fruit Basket

Next, it is very important to determine the event for which you are presenting this fruit basket. Is it for a special event like a birthday or a holiday? Many online merchants, like InsoFresh, offer lovely fruit bouquets with beautiful themes for these special occasions! You can choose from up to 8 fruit baskets themed for occasions, including “Christmas,” “Mid-Autumn,” and many others, at InsoFresh. Mandarin oranges, for instance, go into the InsoFresh Chinese New Year Hampers.


Finally, you better give good thought to the delivery of your fruit hamper. It might be wise to ask your vendor of choice specifically about the delivery process and duration because certain fruit basket vendors could have limitations on the kinds of gift hampers they can dispatch. Sometimes the fruits of your choice might not be available; sometimes the speed of delivery can prove a roadblock. After all, you want the fruits in your hamper to be fresh and healthy!

InsoFresh once again appears to the rescue, allowing free delivery for fruit basket orders above $60 from Monday through Saturday. We offer time slots for your selected delivery time and cover the entire island with unmatched services.

Interested in receiving delectable fresh boxes of different fruit varieties that are handpicked and fresh? Access the richest fruit varieties of the season at InsoFresh!

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