Royal Zetsumyona

$588.00 Inc. GST

Royal Gift series comes in a luxury gift box with matching sleeve and a crystalline cover.

Specially curated fruit box for your:

– Business associates

– Family

– Friends

– Loved ones

Suitable for various occasions:

– Appreciation gift

– Farewell gift

– Get well soon gift

– Thank you gift

or 3 payments of $196.00 with

This gift box consists of:

– Japanese Muskmelon

– Japanese Mandarins

– Japanese Kyoho Grapes

– Japanese Shine Muscat

– Japanese Peaches* (We will replace with Yellow Dragonfruits when Peaches are out of season)

– Cherries* (We will replace with Blackberries when Cherries are out of season)

– Strawberries

We strive to pack fresh fruits of good quality on the actual day of delivery.

Subjected to local availability and product freshness, we will replace fruits that are out of season / do not meet the cut with other fruits of equivalent value.