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What does foods in your CNY hamper represent?

What Do Different Foods in Your Chinese New Year Hamper represent?

The Chinese culture is known for its love for new words and symbols. During the Chinese New Year, some foods, especially fruits, are consumed because of their symbolic significance. Throughout the 16-day festival period, these symbolic fruits are offered and exchanged, particularly at the Chinese New Year banquet on New Year’s Eve. This is and important part of their belief that it brings good fortune for the upcoming year.

Wondering what the symbolism behind your Chinese New Year hamper is? Read on to find out what the different fruits and foods in your hamper represent.

Mandarin Orange: Wealth and Prosperity

Mandarin oranges are always exchanged during a home visit as they symbolize wealth and prosperity. Their bright orange color is compared to gold by many people. Mandarin orange is pronounced “song gam” in Cantonese, which means “giving gold.” Giving someone a mandarin orange is a traditional way to wish them prosperity and riches.

Grapes: Harvest and Abundance

Grapes, which are frequently offered in a bunch, are thought to be a potent sign of abundance and the harvest. Grapes indicate that luck will always be with you. The purple grapes stand for respect, while the green grapes are symbolic of vitality and prosperity.

Bird’s Nest: Longevity and Good Health

Bird’s nests are typically an exorbitant component of bouquets that are only used by royalty and the emperor. Bird’s nest soup is a wonderful gift for the Chinese New Year since it also represents youth and longevity. The immune system can be strengthened by eating ready-to-eat bird’s nest since it is simple to eat, easy to digest, and high in glycoprotein. Giving a bird’s nest is considered a way to wish your loved one’s health on this auspicious occasion.

Abalones: Health, Wealth, and Luck

Abalone is pronounced “Bao Yu” in Chinese, which translates to “assured abundance.” A particularly lucky sign for the Chinese New Year is the abalone. This made eating abalones quite popular because at this joyful occasion, good health, riches, and luck are highly valued.

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